Cyber Security – Our engineers maintain their edge at the forefront of cyber security with specialists in a multitude of disciplines from Incident Response/Detect, Computer Network Defense, Defensive Countermeasures, Penetration and Vulnerability Assessments, Threat Intelligence. Our cyber specialists can deploy and sustain a full complement of security tools like SIEM, IDS, IPS, and Content Filtering.

Information Assurance – iSenpai security engineers offer unparalleled expertise supporting Information Assurance within large enterprises. Our comprehensive knowledge of operationalizing various standards and policies set forth within DoD, IC, and Federal Civilian sectors, assist organizations to implement non-traditional frameworks to support rapid adoption and security authorization of new technologies throughout the Enterprise. Our security engineers not only provide consulting services to overhaul legacy processes but also fulfill many of the conventional security roles within the Enterprise (e.g. Security Control Assessor, Information Systems Security Engineer, Information System Security Manager). We carry expertise in navigating Risk Management Framework, validating IA controls, conduct vulnerability assessments and all other aspects of compliance within your organization.

Systems Engineering – Experienced Systems and Networks engineering experts capable of building an enterprise that aligns your IT systems and security platforms with your business needs and objectives. We can implement and administer both Linux and Windows based environments as well as a wide variety of server hardware, operating systems, network appliances, and 3rd party infrastructure applications. We also incorporate centralized full asset lifecycle and configuration management through the use of automation and orchestration capabilities. Our engineers are experts in automation, discovery and remote sensing tools, in addition we utilize a variety of scripting languages (Python, Powershell, Perl, etc). We implement tools like Ansible and Salt Stack to automate the mundane tasks, freeing up your precious resources to work on things that matter the most.

Reverse Engineering – The iSenpai team includes experts in the latest trends, techniques and approach vectors potential attackers use to compromise an enterprise. Viruses, malicious code, and other exploits are isolated, dissected, analyzed, attributed and mitigated. We offer expertise in a variety of industry standard tools such as OllyDBG, Encase, IDA Pro, Sleuth Kit, and Remnux.

Extreme Splunk, Data Aggregation & Analytics – Empower your organization by collecting and presenting your data into a clear, concise, and actionable format appropriate to the audience. We are experts in deploying extremely large Splunk solutions (10+ TB/day). We also integrate Enterprise Splunk into Arcsight ESM. We are experts in designing and deploying the most appropriate hardware infrastructure to support your data retention requirements whether 30 days or 5 years, we can support you.

Past Performance

iSenpai has significant experience resolving complex challenges with elegant, yet simple solutions for the following organizations:

  • Intelligence Community
  • Department of Defense
  • Federal Public Sector
  • State and Local
  • Commercial

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