Advanced Cyber Attack and Readiness Operations – iSenpai cyber specialists can deploy and sustain a full suite of security technologies such as SIEM, SOAR, IDS, IPS, and Content Filtering. Prepare your business against the most advanced cyber adversaries and reduce your exposure to threats targeting applications, hardware and enterprise assets.


  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing – Match the latest targeted vulnerabilities to exploits and implement them into your surface attack profile to maximize protection efficiency; our agile assessment methodology enforces detailed accounting of red team actions that enable teams to formulate effective countermeasures with the lowest risk to ongoing operations and business continuity


  • Cyber Operations & Resilience – Built and operated world-class defenses for the US government and commercial sector; our team can evaluate the effectiveness of your defenses and ensure cyber resiliency based on real life experience leading and responding through crisis situations


  • Application Security Services – Protect and monitor applications through data security and privacy, API security, enterprise application security and secure application development; utilize automated static and dynamic code analysis to identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities within production code


  • Cyber Investigation, Forensics & Response – Enable organizations to effectively defend against threats, respond to incidents, threat hunting, reverse engineer exploits, test defenses, analyze threat data and provide actionable intelligence to stakeholders and federal and commercial sectors


  • Cyber Threat Intelligence – Stay ahead of the latest trends, techniques and threat vectors that commonly compromise enterprises; we offer expertise in a variety of incident response tools to mitigate the operational impact; our analysts discover and track Indicators of Compromise (IOC) data to incorporate within SOAR and SIEM technologies to identify and mitigate threats; we also support the adoption of IOC sharing platforms to disseminate findings with agency partners and the community


Information Assurance – iSenpai security engineers offer unparalleled expertise supporting Information Assurance within large enterprises. Our security engineers not only provide consulting services to overhaul legacy processes but also fulfill many of the conventional security roles within the Enterprise (e.g. Security Control Assessor, Information Systems Security Engineer, Information System Security Officer, Information System Security Manager). We carry expertise in navigating Risk Management Framework, validating IA controls, conduct vulnerability assessments and all other aspects of compliance within your organization.  Our team assesses cyber defense practices and develops uplift strategies for national security organizations and international commercial enterprises – using best practices, industry standards and our unique expertise. iSenpai helps organizations prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover along all points of the security lifecycle.


  • Security Policy – iSenpai provides comprehensive knowledge of operationalizing various standards and policies set forth within Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), Federal Civilian and commercial sectors to implement non-traditional frameworks to support rapid adoption and security authorization of new technologies throughout the Enterprise


  • Controls Inheritance – Extensive experience designing and documenting common services utilizing automation and technology within a Common Control Provider (CCP) offering, to enable the Enterprise to inherit security controls of provided services; this enables rapid delivery of new capabilities through increased efficiency within the Enterprise


  • IT Governance – iSenpai helps organizations design and develop their technology frameworks in adherence with industry standards (i.e., ITIL, COBIT, ISO 27000+)


  • Compliance – iSenpai guides organizations to implement and maintain strict adherence to Federal, State, Local, Commercial and International policies and regulations (e.g. FISMA, NIST, CNSS, DFARS/CMMC, FEDRAMP, SOX, GDPR, and ISO)


  • Enterprise Risk Management – iSenpai leverages its vast knowledge base to assist clients with understanding their risk profile and implementing optimized solutions to fit their business model


Secure Software Engineering, Development, & Testing – Our approach focuses on embedding security in all phases of Agile development. This includes combining continuous monitoring and remediation of security defects across the application lifecycle including development and maintenance with the use of DevSecOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) environments.  Our engineering approach includes inheritance of architected common services, in order to maximize efficiency within the Enterprise to incorporate standardized services within a microservice architecture further enabling DevSecOps in CI/CD pipelines.


  • CI / CD Pipeline Implementation Methodology – Within our software development life cycle we incorporate an ever evolving agile approach to expeditiously bring high quality solutions to production; we embrace CI/CD to bridge the gap between development and operations teams by automating the building, testing, and deployment of applications


  • DevSecOps – iSenpai has adopted a “security-by-design” ethos by ingraining security into the entire development life cycle; we utilize the most common and best-of-breed security tools integrated into the CI/CD pipeline to implement secure principles; this ensures that we provide efficient and automated code review techniques and application security testing resulting in accelerated delivery of secure applications to the Enterprise


  • Quality Assurance Testing – iSenpai embraces automated functional testing within the CI/CD pipeline to streamline code delivery to the Enterprise meeting application owner requirements to ensure functional success of the releases (e.g. Selenium, Cypress)


  • Accessibility Testing – iSenpai stays true to its core mission while aspiring to make a technology driven difference to improve accessibility adhering to standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guide (WCAG) 2.1 and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

Engineering – iSenpai aligns your IT systems and security platforms with your business needs and objectives;  iSenpai delivers expert level knowledge and implementations of information systems and networks across a variety of organizational structures; our engineers are experts in both emerging and legacy tools and technologies across multiple operating systems, application – monolithic and microservice – architectures, programming languages, and – on-premise, cloud and hybrid – infrastructures.  iSenpai integrates automation into various processes and frameworks, freeing up precious resources so organizations can focus on the things that matter most.

Data Aggregation & Analytics – iSenpai empowers your organization to collect and present data in a clear, concise, and actionable format. As experts in deploying data driven solutions (e.g. Splunk, Elastic, and Kafka) we can deploy real-time threat detection and response enterprise solutions no matter the size of your organization and monitoring footprint.

  • Data Architecture & Engineering – iSenpai are experts in designing and deploying extremely large data analytics solutions (100+ TB/day) integrating data from any existing data source; no matter your data retention requirements whether 30 days or 30 years, we can support you with the most appropriate infrastructure solution to meet your needs; (e.g. Splunk, Elastic and Hadoop)
  • Data Streaming – iSenpai offers data curation, normalization, tagging, enrichment and provenance through mature Data Streaming methodologies using technologies like Splunk DSP, Confluent, StreamSets, and Apache NiFi
  • Security Event (SIEM) & Case Management Automation– iSenpai integrates enterprise SIEM and SOAR solutions across multiple data sets to empower your organization to implement automated response actions; we specialize in merging these two technologies to further improve resource efficiency and utilization across the Enterprise; through the management of threats & anomalous behavior along with timely automation, we ensure updates to the environment in a single comprehensive solution

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence – iSenpai develops and utilizes supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms that enable assets to adapt based on Enterprise data points feeding the algorithms

Past Performance

iSenpai has significant experience resolving complex challenges with elegant, yet simple solutions for the following organizations:

  • Intelligence Community
  • Department of Defense
  • Federal Public Sector
  • State and Local
  • Commercial

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